PVcase acquires Anderson Optimization

We are thrilled to announce that PVcase has acquired Anderson Optimization, the leading GIS platform for renewable energy.

Terrain-following trackers are now available in PVcase Ground Mount

PVcase proudly presents a new functionality allowing you to add terrain-following trackers to your solar projects in the PVcase Ground Mount tool.

The environmental impact of computing: problems and possible solutions

Cloud computing and big data can strain sustainability and elevate the global carbon footprint, though they can also help people reduce emissions, predict climate change, and respond to emerging environment-related challenges.

How to build business resilience amid economic uncertainty

Threats to your business can range from a local thunderstorm to geopolitical unrest. While you can’t prepare for everything, you can take steps to grow your company’s resilience. Use this guide to protect your business.

Energyear Madrid 2023: key takeaways

On the 25 and 26 of April, PVcase traveled to Madrid for one of the most important events on the Spanish renewable energy event agenda: Energyear Madrid 2023.

PVcase and the Lithuanian startup scene

Lithuania, PVcase's homeland, is an increasingly bright spot on the global startup map. We have two giant unicorns, namely Vinted and Nord Security, that exploded all over the globe and brought new investments and opportunities to our country. Inga Langaite, CEO at Unicorns Lithuania, a Lithuanian startup association, elaborates more on the Lithuanian startup job market context.

Rooftop solar is the future — meet PVcase Roof Mount

PVcase is extremely excited to present PVcase Roof Mount, a new cutting edge tool for commercial and industrial rooftop solar projects.

Welcome to PVcase Forest — how PVcasers make the world greener

PVcase invites its employees to physically contribute to improving the lungs of the planet.

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