Alter your project’s surface and calculate the amount of earthworks required.


Achieve shade-free table placement on undulating terrain for a set location and time.


Project shading from tables and other objects to understand the impact and adjust the design.


Analyze the slope of each unique table on undulating terrain.

Piling and collision analysis

Understand which tables exceed a given piling range or are in need of grading.

3D terrain based PV layouts

Get realistic ground-mount PV layouts quickly, with imported terrain details to optimize frame placement.

Fully customizable electrical design

Automate the stringing and placement of electrical equipment, using advanced algorithms that comply with industry standards.

Automated topographical 3D cabling

Get precise cable lengths that trail based on the terrain, increasing cable sizing & loss calculation precision.

Export 3D shading scenes to PVSyst & other 3D rendering software

Transfer your whole PV plant with ease. All 3D elements are exported so you can get very precise yield reports or create impressive tender visuals.

Automatic cross section production to save time

Create vertical & horizontal cross-sections directly from the 3D model, including frames, cabling, terrain and construction elements.

Full tracker compatibility

Create and generate custom single-axis tracking frames with our easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Detailed Bill of Materials Report

Export your entire system setup with one click.

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Automation and Customization

Compatible with any type of site survey

2D layout generation for initial layouts & quick results

Fluctuating & fixed pitch generation options

Minimum inner-spacing omission for uphill projects

Tree shading generation with customizable inputs

3D tree creation for export to PVsyst yield analysis

Optimizable 3D frames for agile design on large (100MW+) sites

Multiple types of framing for one area

Frame indication for exceeding allowed inclination

Ground grading requirement indication on frames

Customizable frame inclination and azimuth

Single & multiple area generation

Capacity iteration to reach required DC capacity

Ability to copy/add/remove frames and customize areas

Road drawing of specific bend angle and width with offset zone

Topography mesh generation & slope gradient heatmaps

Pole coordinate extraction for ramming