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Working with terrain surveys

Adapt to terrain

Adapt, Terrain, Reassign, Copy, Move

Topography compatibility

Terrain data, survey data

Terrain mesh slope analysis

Terrain; mesh; slope analysis; topography; automatic table; custom table; angle; inclination

Evaluating terrain surveys for generation

Evaluate site topographical data to prepare it for PV area generation

Civil Analysis – Collision Analysis

Civil analysis, piling reveal analysis, collision analysis, piling reveal, pole length

Ground Grading

Ground grading, cut and fill, cut, fill, pole review, earthworks, collision, slope

Fixed-tilt system design

Creating a fixed-tilt PV layout

Frame & park settings, Layout generation, Generate a single area, Fixed-tilt system


Fixed-tilt system stringing, custom stringing, leap-frog strings

Area capacity iteration tool – fixed-tilt PV layout

Pitch step, required capacity, iteration parameters, area capacity

Electrical devices

Electrical device auto and semi-auto generation, leftover string connection in fixed tilt systems, harness, Y connector

Color coding

Color code by lowest tier device, color code by substation


DC cabling, AC cabling, drawing trench, trenchline

Single-axis tracker system design

Creating a single-axis tracker PV layout

Layout generation, Generate single area, Tracker, Trackers, SAT

Stringing – single-axis trackers

Electrical design, single-axis tracker, stringing

Electrical devices – Single-axis trackers

Electrical design, single-axis tracker, electrical devices

Color coding – Single-axis trackers

Single-axis tracker, electrical design, color coding

Overview tab – Single-axis trackers

Electrical design, single-axis tracker, overview

Cabling – Single-axis trackers

Electrical design, single-axis tracker, cabling

East-west system design

Creating an east-west PV layout

East-west, layout, east, west, pv design

Export tools

Exporting fixed-tilt frames to PVsyst

PVsyst, DAE, PVC, Fixed, Tilt, Export, Import, Yield

Exporting single-axis trackers to PVsyst

PVsyst, .PVC, PVC, Tracker, Export, Import, Single-Axis, Yield


Shading analysis

Shading, Time, Location, Date, Tree, Station, Fence, PVsyst, Backtracking, Shading analysis


Layout information

Layout information, Match properties, Row & Pitch display, Piling information, Inclination, Angle, Frame terrain, Collision, Materials, BoM

Civil Analysis – Slope Analysis

Civil analysis, slope analysis, slopes, table placement

Cross-section & front view

Cross section, section, front view, terrain

Contour line conversion

Contour line conversion, contour line heights

Shading objects

Tree, Station, Building, Fence, PVsyst, Shading, 3D object, Array


Working with alignment lines

Draw alignment line; Line alignment;

PVcase integrity checker

Layout generation, Generate single area, Tracker, Trackers, SAT

Shadow frames

Area reassignment frames / shadow frames / shadow block / PVcase shadow block

Right-click actions

Clear PV area, change module power, right click, menu

PVcase on AutoCAD 2022

AutoCAD 2022, fix for PVcase, loading PVcase

Tips & Tricks

AutoCAD and PVcase tips for efficient design process