PVcase successfully closed a EUR 500.000 seed round after attracting an investment from Contrarian Ventures and another regional venture capital fund. The founders convinced the investor with the potential of their solution to automate the designing of solar power plants. It is expected that this technology will enable to significantly shorten particular designing stages of solar power plants and reduce designing expenses.

PVcase’s end-to-end design process automation solution focuses on reducing user onboarding time, minimizing operational costs for distributed energy project engineers, installers, and subsequently investors. PVcase’s technology platform is providing an enterprise scale solution to enable and improve design and engineering processes in a rapidly growing distributed energy marketplace.

“We raised our first round of seed funding of EUR 500.000 from venture investors who are the top business network leaders in the region, as well as business leaders from the world of energy financing. This seed round will fund the expansion of our team and scaling-up our sales and marketing efforts throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia”, said David Trainavicius, CEO of PVcase.

The company’s utility scale solar design optimization software operates as a plug-in for AutoCAD with numerous unique features that automate many of the advanced engineering processes in a 3D, terrain-based environment resulting in significant time and cost savings as well as greater precision and more accurate yields. PVcase is already generating revenue and has been used for the design drawings and plans for some of the largest solar companies in Europe representing almost 1 GW of potential solar projects spanning 15 countries and 3 continents.

Darius Zakaitis of Contrarian Ventures notes, “PVcase is addressing one of the nodes most critical for reducing the cost of solar deployment: the linkage between the operating and the financial performance of projects. As an investor, it is great to see such intelligence and focus brought to bear on this important problem.”

By making the software easier to use and allowing the initial solar project design to be completed in less time and with greater accuracy, solar companies are able bid on and win more contracts at significantly less cost. Once the projects are won the software can be used by the engineer to complete all stages of detailed solar park designs, and make modifications to run numerous simulations at the push of a button to be able to optimize the project for terrain features and orientation, inverter schemes, module types, and a number of other project variables.

According to Rokas Peciulaitis, Partner at Contrarian Ventures, “The solar industry doesn’t need a new semiconductor technology — it needs tools like PVcase that help solar engineers design, optimize, deploy and finance projects more efficiently and with precision. This will directly help to accelerate Solar adoption and is poised to become the leading tool of choice for PV engineers and developers.”

The company’s founders say the software has the potential to put smaller players on a more equal footing with the industry behemoths — at least when it comes to design optimization.