Step 1

Upload topographical scan data through the easy-to-use interface

Step 2

Fully customize your PV plant layout & system without repetitive design tasks.

Step 3

Create precise construction-ready plans and drawings to eliminate installation problems on-site

Creates Value

Old-fashioned manual
work in 2D terrain
Automated work in
3D terrain with PVCase


Saves engineers up to 30x time

As per our experience, preparing a regular 21 MW solar site takes an engineer around 2 weeks and includes over 40 hours of manual work with AutoCAD. PVcase reduces this to around 1.3 hours, so the design can be finished just in a day or two.

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Results in up to 10% better precision for cabling and yield

Creating a solar park design in 2D environment and then actually building it in 3D terrain creates all sorts of miscalculations. PVcase makes actually designing solar parks in 3D environment possible, bringing the unprecedented precision.

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3D terrain based PV layouts

Get realistic ground-mount PV layouts quickly, with imported terrain details to optimize frame placement.


Fully customizable electrical design

Automate the stringing and placement of electrical equipment, using advanced algorithms that comply with industry standards.


Automated topographical 3D cabling

Get precise cable lengths that trail based on the terrain, increasing cable sizing & loss calculation precision.


Export 3D shading scenes to PVSyst & other 3D rendering software

Transfer your whole PV plant with ease. All 3D elements are exported so you can get very precise yield reports or create impressive tender visuals.

...and many more to save time on more precise designs


Created by Solar Engineers for Solar Engineers

PVcase has been designed and developed as a collaboration between solar PV engineers from DETRA and expert software engineers. DETRA has been in the solar engineering business since 2009 designed 9.4 GW of solar energy systems in 48 countries around the globe.



PVcase closes EUR 500.000 seed round co-invested by Contrarian Ventures and another regional venture capital fund

PVcase successfully closed a EUR 500 thousand seed round after attracting an investment from Contrarian Ventures and another regional venture capital fund. The founders convinced the investor with the potential of their solution to automate the designing of solar power plants. It is expected that this technology will enable to significantly shorten particular designing stages of solar power plants and reduce designing expenses.

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