PVcase Advantages - Design in 3D environment

Design in 3D environment

Incorporating 3D detail in solar design enables more accurate and comprehensive analysis of solar projects that avoid foreseeable obstacles in later stages of design and development.

PVcase Advantages - Project in just 80 minutes

Project in just 80 minutes

Instead of a full working week, it takes just 80 minutes for an engineer to create a version of a solar energy park project. In one day you can create multiple options and choose the most efficient one.

PVcase Advantages - Runs on AutoCAD

Runs on AutoCAD

We built our tool as a plugin for the most popular CAD engineering platform – Autodesk AutoCAD, radically slashing on-boarding time. The team can be up-and-running in a matter of hours.


3D terrain based PV layouts

Get realistic ground-mount PV layouts quickly, with imported terrain details for optimized frame placement.

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Fully customizable electrical design

Automate the stringing and placement of electrical equipment, using advanced algorithms that comply with industry standards.

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Automated topographical 3D cabling

Get precise cable lengths that trail based on the terrain, increasing cable sizing & loss calculation precision.

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Export 3D shading scenes to PVSyst & other 3D rendering software

Transfer your whole PV plant with ease. All 3D elements are exported so you can get very precise yield reports or create impressive tender visuals.

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Created by Solar Engineers for Solar Engineers

PVcase has been designed and developed as a collaboration between solar PV engineers from Detra Solar and expert software engineers.

Detra Solar has been in the solar engineering business since 2009 designed 9.4 GW of solar energy systems in 48 countries around the globe.

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PVcase - Created by Solar Engineers for Solar Engineers