Unique usage of solar around the world

Renewables are on the rise all over the world, and the one in the spotlight is solar energy. From giant solar farms that house dozens of panels, to smaller scale personal installations that pop up on the roofs of residential buildings.

Large Scale Solar USA: Managing US solar risks

Two weeks ago PVcase traveled to Austin, Texas for a two-day deep dive into the USA’s solar market. It is the world’s second-largest single-country market after China with 24 GW deployed in 2021, 17 of which were utility-scale.

Genera 2022: Changes in Spanish Market

Solar in Europe is gaining popularity at exponential speed, especially impacted by both the current political situation and the ongoing concern about climate change.

PVcase forest: fighting climate change through software and… trees

We’re all striving for a better future: cleaner, more sustainable and, of course, greener. Fighting climate change through software - it’s not just empty words, it’s the foundation of everything PVcase does.

Fixed tilt vs tracker system comparison for ground-mounted PV systems

It’s not a secret that PV designers have to consider the long-term costs of all PV installation components. Everything from groundwork to cabling and even shading has to be considered before the work starts because any alterations to a large-scale project will cost both time and money.

Agrivoltaics: Benefits of Solar Power and Agriculture

Agrivoltaics: Benefits of Solar Power and Agriculture

Agrivoltaics refers to using the same land to generate solar electricity and support agriculture. As the world moves past the TW scale solar fleet and we deploy more solar every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable land to develop solar projects.

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