Advancing Solar Projects with Ground Grading

The solar industry is constantly innovating and improving, yet there are staples of any solar park that are present in every project. Understanding what to expect at the beginning of the construction and knowing how to navigate potential challenges, or how to avoid them altogether, could greatly boost the performance of the solar park, as well as reduce expenses.

2021: Year in review

Ever since its conception, PVcase has been about removing monotony from the engineering workflow. Step by step, we are working on improving the efficiency of solar projects. And this year, we certainly have things to be proud of.

International Energy Outlook 2021: Overview

International Energy Outlook (IEO2021), compiled by Energy Information Administration (EIA), analyzes long-term world energy markets in 16 OECD and non-OECD regions through 2050.

How to optimise your solar cabling and reduce cable loss?

When it comes to solar energy, modules, panels and inverters are undoubtedly important, but they alone cannot distribute electricity. Cables are one of the essential components of a solar park since they ensure the energy produced by the panels can be safely and properly transported.

What is solar LCoE?

The levelized cost of energy (LCoE) stands for average cost of the energy produced throughout the life of various energy-generating assets. In terms of power plants, LCoE meaning is tied to how much it costs to generate a single unit of electricity over the lifetime of the plant, and is often marked as dollars per megawatt hour ($/MWh).

How to mitigate shading losses in PV systems?

The irradiance that a PV module receives has a significant impact on its power output. When selecting a suitable installation site, it’s best to focus on locations that offer easy and straight access to sunlight, since it naturally increases project efficiency.

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