What is an off-grid solar power system?

Read our guide on what an off-grid solar power system is, how it works, the components needed, and how to size your system. Learn more and start your solar power journey today!

How to calculate the size, costs, and power generation of solar power

Investing in solar can be profitable for your home or business, but you still need to calculate the exact costs of the project. Learn how to estimate your needs so you make the right decisions about your panels and their placement.

What are the types of solar power plants?

There are several different types of solar power plants, from photovoltaic rooftop or floating systems to concentrated parabolic mirrors and power towers. Learn about each one to choose the right investment for your needs.

How to start a solar farm

A solar farm collects energy from the sun and sells it to local utility companies. This can be a profitable venture if you plan it out carefully. Use this guide to learn about the various maintenance and management aspects involved.

PVcase releases PVcase Roof Mount, a tool for modeling commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems with precision

PVcase has announced the release of PVcase Roof Mount, an AutoCAD plugin that helps its users to model commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems with unparalleled precision.

Capacity iteration webinar FAQ — what you need to know about our new feature

We want to make sure we addressed all of the questions that arose, and have gathered participants' most frequent questions to be answered by Sophie Nguyen, our Senior Technical Support Engineer, and Redas Smigelskas, our Technical Sales Manager.

The Digital Twin: a game-changer in PV design

A digital twin is an emerging technology in the PV industry. It offers vast capabilities for measuring PV plant performance and making the best engineering decisions.

The solar industry then and now — how digital tools shape solar engineering

Sophie Nguyen, Senior Technical Support Engineer at PVcase, shares her experience in the development of solar engineering and the constant progress of solar design tools.

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