We are thrilled to announce that PVcase has been named a finalist for “The smarter E AWARD 2024” in the Photovoltaics category for our groundbreaking PVcase Integrated Solution: From Site Selection to Yield Estimation. This recognition proves our commitment to innovation in the solar energy industry!

In this article, we cover the significance of such a nomination, dive into the PVcase Integrated Product Suite offering, and discuss its notable contribution to energy innovations. Continue reading to find out more!

Significance of the nomination

“The smarter E AWARD” is the industry award for energy and mobility innovations, recognizing companies and their influence in actively shaping the energy world. The winner will be announced on June 18, 2024, right before the official start of Intersolar Europe in Munich — the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry.

According to the “The smarter E AWARD,” the finalists in the Photovoltaics category highlight ongoing trends in the solar industry, such as increased output per surface area and larger module sizes. As the world swiftly transitions to a 24/7 renewable energy supply, the renewable energy market is expanding at a similarly rapid pace. Let’s have a look at how does PVcase fit into this growing sector.

What is the PVcase Integrated Product Suite?

PVcase meets the increased demand for efficient renewable energy planning by offering the PVcase Integrated Product Suite. It’s an offering comprising three programs that revolutionize solar project design and development by reducing the time and person-hours needed to develop PV projects.

Engineers now have access to all the tools they need for fast, accurate, and precise PV project development from start to finish, all within a unified AutoCAD environment. This comprehensive package includes:

  1. AO Prospect: a GIS tool that accelerates land prospecting with comprehensive data analysis, supporting collaborative project site evaluation;
  2. PVcase Ground Mount: an AutoCAD-based plug-in developed for an efficient and accurate evaluation and design for ground-mounted PV projects;
  3. PVcase Yield: a cloud-based energy modeling software that merges 3D design with physics-based models for accurate energy yield estimations.

PVcase Integrated Product Suite provides mission-critical software that enables solar developers to build more solar assets faster and with higher quality. It addresses all facets of PV project planning, providing engineers with the tools to select suitable sites, create efficient layouts, predict PV park performance, and optimize everything within a single unified platform. This integration helps prevent the risk of design changes during later project stages.

What else is on the PVcase product lineup?

Although the PVcase Integrated Product Suite comprehensively addresses PV planning and execution from start to finish, PVcase offers even more. The product lineup also includes:

  1. PVcase Roof Mount: an AutoCAD-based software tailored for rooftop solar implementation, empowering engineers to optimize C&I rooftop layouts and design processes;
  2. AO Capacity: it offers geo-located capacity analysis, integrates energy market data for project viability, and streamlines site selection;
  3. AO Distribution Grid: this tool identifies distribution networks, enhancing efficiency in project siting.

While AO Capacity and Distribution Grid are still making their way to Europe, PVcase Roof Mount has become an inseparable tool for engineers worldwide. This is due to its capability to reduce layout time by up to 80%, depending on the project, and ensure real-world precision.

PVcase Integrated Product Suite’s contribution to the energy innovations

One of the main contributions to energy innovation is speed and accuracy. PVcase drives innovation in renewable energy by removing traditional bottlenecks, allowing solar companies to design projects more efficiently and accurately. What does this mean to engineers? A significantly reduced development time — from weeks to hours.

The efficiency and accuracy of these design and engineering tools reduce resource waste and accelerate solar project timelines. This streamlined process not only facilitates the swift expansion of clean energy but also promotes job creation in the renewable sector, driving economic growth while protecting natural habitats and reducing carbon footprints.  In fact, the PVcase Integrated Product Suite carefully operates within sensitive areas by identifying optimal sites, considering environmental restrictions, and minimizing impact. 

In addition to enhancing the accuracy and quality of PV designs, users can also mitigate solar project development risks and reduce data risk challenges. The PVcase Integrated Product Suite offers comprehensive tools for more efficient use of scarce project development and engineering human resources. This efficiency leads to significant cost savings through reduced human resource requirements and minimized technical issues in projects.

PVcase Integrated Product Suite

PVcase meeting the market demand

Wood Mackenzie predicts 270 GW of new solar installations worldwide in 2024, a goal that can only be reached with the hard work of utility-scale project engineers and developers.

While there are many opportunities for new solar projects, there are also plenty of challenges, especially in the early stages, like prospecting, land acquisition, proposal preparation, and detailed engineering. However, cutting out tedious tasks, improving accuracy, and saving time in these areas can help make a big difference for engineers.

PVcase’s Integrated Product Suite meets this market demand by making every stage of the solar project lifecycle easier and more efficient. From site selection and design to yield estimates, PVcase offers tools that simplify tasks, boost precision, and save time. This suite helps developers focus on the bigger picture of their projects without worrying about data loss between platforms, ultimately making solar project development more efficient and cost-effective.


PVcase’s recognition as a finalist for “The smarter E AWARD 2024” highlights its continuous contributions to the rapidly expanding solar energy sector through the Integrated Product Suite. The offering gained recognition for covering the whole PV project lifecycle—from site selection to yield estimation—it addresses critical industry challenges, enhances efficiency, and reduces development time. This innovation not only supports the rapid expansion of renewable energy but also fosters economic growth and environmental protection.