PVcase and Zimmermann PV-Tracker are pleased to announce that they collaborated in the development of the latest PVcase Ground Mount update, which allows users to generate PV layouts quickly and easily with terrain-following Single axis trackers. Zimmermann was integral in the development of the PVcase Ground Mount TFT feature.

Zimmermann PV-Tracker GmbH, a German OEM of single axis PV-Trackers and part of the Zimmermann PV-Steel Group, has recently introduced a solution to respond to the ever-growing demand to develop Tracker projects on difficult undulating land.

The Zimmermann solution is based on an innovative cardan joint incorporated in the tracker torque tube. The cardan joint can be deployed independent of a supporting pile and strategically placed to work with project specific string lengths to minimize DC mismatch losses and maximise energy production.

Giving PVcase users the option to consider cardan joints in layout planning will enable project developers to execute trackers where they would have been discounted in the past. Using the cardan joint with a maximum angle diffraction of up to 15 percent between torque tube sections is going to significantly reduce the need for earth movements.

Guy Atherton, Product Manager of Ground Mount at PVcase, said: “It was rewarding to work with Zimmermann on the development of the TFT feature, and making sure it applies to their new ZIM Track product. Prior to that, I have personally worked with Zimmermann for over a decade and have great respect for their product, as well as their research and development team. Their insight was invaluable in the development of the PVcase Ground Mount TFT feature.”

A recent case study for a 50 MWp tracker project in Spain deploying 1,300 trackers on an area of 56 has revealed the potential for significant savings. By implementing ZIM Track terrain following cardan joints in 20% of the trackers, earth movements could be reduced by 50%. Using cardan joints for all trackers in this case study reduced the need for ground movements by 95% or 60,000 m3. The inclusion of the cardan joint planning feature in their latest software update PVcase and Zimmermann once again demonstrate and confirm their commitment to continuous improvements of its innovative software solutions and product offering for OEM’s, developers and solar professionals alike.

About PVcase

PVcase is a next-generation PV software-as-a-service company. Driven by world-class engineering and a cutting-edge development team, PVcase is helping power the energy transition by making solar project design faster, more efficient and more precise.

We give design teams the confidence that they can manage the risk to data quality as they use different software platforms for individual tasks in the design process – what we call “data risk.” That’s why PVcase products are the top choice of solar design professionals and development companies in 75 countries. Apart from the acclaimed Ground Mount tool, the company also offers PVcase Roof Mount and Yield software.

About Zimmermann PV-Tracker GmbH

Zimmermann PV-Tracker GmbH is part of the Zimmermann PV-Steel Group, a German OEM of PV mounting structures for utility scale projects. We develop, plan and supply ground-mounted solar mounting racks as rigid constructions, as movable trackers, as floating installations as well as flexible Agri-PV substructures. Since inception the Group of Companies has supplied more than 1,600 projects in 54 countries with an accumulated generation capacity of 10 GW.