Eurach Research launched a 42-month project, SUPERNOVA, dedicated to developing high-quality photovoltaic (PV) projects. With nearly €5 million in funding from Horizon Europe, PVcase and 19 partners from Europe, Australia, and the United States are focusing on improving the performance, security, and flexibility of PV panels while addressing their entire lifecycle from performance optimization to second-life and reuse of components.

During the kick-off meeting in Bolzano, Italy, partners discussed the 14 results to be developed over the project’s lifetime. These include automatic sensing solutions for field robotics, smart control for trackers, and O&M and grid-friendly design of PV plants.

SUPERNOVA project objectives

One of the main focus areas of the SUPERNOVA project is to enhance the grid-friendly design of solar plants through advanced software solutions that revolutionize the planning, design, and operation of PV systems. However, in the upcoming four years, project partners will focus on making seven key objectives become the new reality in the solar energy sector:

  1. Increase the profitability of PV systems via O&M and grid-friendly strategies;
  2. Improve the design of solar plants with data for increased performance, reliability, security, and flexibility;
  3. Create confidence and business value in sharing PV data;
  4. Use data fusion to generate insights and improve reliability via solar  asset management software;
  5. Develop tools and components for different sensor technologies;
  6. Use robotic solutions to reduce costs, increase data collection, and automate the process;
  7. Develop a methodology to classify solar components based on big data and AI.

SUPERNOVA also emphasizes the circular economy principles by promoting the reuse and optimal sourcing of PV components. This focus on sustainability aims to increase profitability while contributing to a more sustainable future. By optimizing resources and reducing waste, the project envisions a positive impact on both — economic and environmental fronts.

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PVcase contribution

Nerijus Paulauskas, Head of Partnerships: “Data risk threatens renewable energy projects and industry growth, causing underperformance and investor hesitation. To meet climate goals and achieve a net-zero economy, we can’t afford delays. With a shortage of skilled workers and risk of human error, technology must fill the gap. Our end-to-end platform integrates all necessary data, ensuring projects are completed faster, more accurately, and with fewer resources. This will help us meet performance goals and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.”

PVcase leverages its expertise in solar software to play a pivotal role in the SUPERNOVA project. With specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the solar sector, PVcase significantly contributes to achieving six critical outcomes, showcasing its professionalism and commitment to excellence in the solar energy field.

First, we’re involved in developing advanced systems to improve the efficiency and performance of solar plants — PVcase is part of the team that focuses on an innovative system to optimize the long-term performance of solar trackers, ensuring they operate at their best over time.

Next, PVcase will perfect the software to make managing solar assets more intelligent and data-driven. This focus will allow better decision-making and improved reliability.

Moreover, our team is involved in the topic of covering optimized predictions for energy trading as well as exploring the power of integration by innovatively approaching utility-scale PV and storage systems.

PVcase also leads efforts to develop a digital platform that uses real-time data to optimize solar plant operations, ensuring that solar operators can maximize energy output and economic returns.


SUPERNOVA project, spearheaded by “Eurac research” and backed by nearly €5 million from Horizon Europe, aims to revolutionize the PV sector over its 42-month span. With a focus on performance, security, and lifecycle sustainability, PVcase and 19 other partners from all over the world aim to set new standards in solar energy. Most importantly, employing our expertise will help accelerate advancements in the solar software and industry.