Addressing time-consuming site selection processes and increasing project success rates

Moving into a new market used to take several weeks as it required finding all the right data and rebuilding your siting approach. With PVcase Prospect, you can now move into a new market on the same day and have a consistent process for siting, no matter where you are. Whether you need to turn around an RFP next week or are moving into a new market for the long term — PVcase Prospect can help.

Reduce data loss

With over 250 high-quality geospatial data layers on a single web-based platform, plus the option to add your own, your team has all the data they need — right at their fingertips.

Speed up site selection

Automating Parcel Search and Buildable Area Analysis (BAA) allows users to increase site selection efficiency by 2-4 times. PVcase Prospect creates a simple, repeatable site selection process for a steady flow of active projects.

Avoid bottlenecks

PVcase Prospect is easy to use, requiring no in-depth training or GIS specialists. Your development team can start siting complex projects after just one training session and will only become more efficient over time.

Fill your project pipeline

With high-quality data aggregation and automation, developers can quickly identify unsuitable sites early in the process. This increases your project’s success rate and avoids costly first-hand analysis.


Over 250 Integrated Geospatial Data Layers
Automate Parcel Search
Geolocated Grid Infrastructure
Easy-to-use platform
Accurate Slope Analysis
Automated Buildable Area Analysis (BAA)
Detailed constraint maps
Web-based platform
Import your GIS data
Top Rated Customer Service
Integrated Landowner Data
Easy project data exports

Speed up your solar site selection



Simplify Parcel Search

Automate your land search based on known substations, transmission lines, or other points of interest relevant to your project.

  • Point of Interconnection (PoI)
    Search based on distance from the grid, roads, railways, and other essential PoI.
  • Acreage requirements
    Only look at parcels that meet your minimum and/or maximum acreage requirements.

Automate constraint analysis

Stop wasting time evaluating parcel quality and buildability with traditional GIS programs. Use PVcase Prospect to automatically create constraint maps and calculate buildable acreage in just a few clicks.

  • Integrated data
    AO Prospect offers integrated public data layers, premium data sets, and easily imports your proprietary data so you have everything you need in one place.
  • Sliver removal
    Avoid tracts that are smaller than your minimum buildable acreage requirements.
  • Detailed maps
    Visualize your buildable area with clearly marked constraint maps.

Tool for collaboration

Teams work best when there are no barriers. PVcase Prospect allows your teams to communicate more efficiently internally and with other departments.

  • Efficient project management
    Track project status and stages, rate parcels, leave notes, and save templates for an easy and consistent workflow across your team.
  • Instant updates
    Get updates in real-time on the cloud, instantly reflecting any project changes across your teams.
  • Import/Export
    Import your existing GIS data and export KMLs, Shapefiles, and Excel CSVs for easy collaboration, along with PDFs for mailers.

Improved data security with PVcase Ground Mount integration

No more worries about data transfers. The integration between PVcase Prospect and Ground Mount maintains essential aspects such as data protection, confidentiality, security, and the integrity of project data throughout the entire process.

  • Seamless integration
    Secure your data by effortlessly integrating PVcase Prospect with PVcase Ground Mount.
  • Prospect to PVcase Ground Mount
    Transfer site selection data securely from PVcase Prospect to PVcase Ground Mount for further analysis and implementation.
  • Better data protection
    Ensure the confidentiality, security, and integrity of your project data throughout the integration process.

PVcase Prospect is formerly known as Anderson Optimization by PVcase

We are working on the full transition from Anderson Optimization by PVcase to PVcase Prospect. In the meantime, you can still access the legacy information at the link below.

Anderson Optimization by PVcase

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Everyone here is very impressed with the Anderson tool. We all watched Chris get set up in a matter of days and be ready to mail letters to potential landowners. He is out this week meeting all of the landowners he made contact with and we even have signed LOI’s already in the land bank!”

Derrick Worden – Senior Land Manager, The AES Corporation

“PVcase Prospect has improved our team’s siting process by providing our Development Team with a tool that empowers us to autonomously pursue new sites for development faster and more efficiently than ever before. This access is critical for developers who seek out geographical data when siting new projects, while allowing our GIS team to allocate their time towards more technical tasks.”

Jamie Mears – Senior Associate, Development, Orsted

“PVcase Prospect has helped our company bring our site acquisition efforts in-house and scale up our impact. The tools speeds up our work and saves us money.”

Tyson Buerkle – Director of Site Acquisition, BlueWave

Round-the-clock support, innovation, and training to empower your projects

We go beyond being mere software providers — we aim to be your trusted renewable projects partners. Our company also offers customized training and support based on your needs with PVcase Academy and webinars. Also, we provide software updates every month!