When a criminal act, administrative misconduct or violation of work duties, as well as a gross violation of mandatory norms of professional ethics, an attempt to conceal the aforementioned violation or other violation of the law that threatens or violates the public interest may be committed or is being prepared to be committed, please inform about such violation PVcase UAB.

Notices regarding violations that are being committed in PVcase UAB can be submitted by current and former employees of PVcase UAB or persons related to PVcase UAB through contractual relationships (consulting, work, internships, volunteering, etc.), as well as self-employed persons, shareholders or persons, belonging to the administrative, management or supervisory body of PVcase UAB (including non-executive members, as well as volunteers and paid or unpaid interns), or any natural person working under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and/or suppliers.

You can notify PVcase UAB about violations being done in the company by filling out the form which you can reach at the following link or by submitting a form notification to e-mail A form notification must include the following information:

  • that notification is submitted in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Protection of Whistleblowers;
  • information about who, when, in what way, and what kind of violation has committed, is committing or is about to commit;
  • the date and circumstances of learning about the violation;
  • your name, surname, personal code, or birth date, if you do not have a personal number, workplace, or other contact details;
  • if possible, provide any available documents, data, or information revealing signs of a possible violation.

PVcase UAB has appointed a competent subject – the Head of Legal to supervise the internal channel and is responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Protection of Whistleblowers.

NB. The internal channel is not intended for complaints, requests, or reports to defend exclusively personal interests. Submission of information in order to defend exclusively personal interests is not considered a notification in the sense of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Protection of Whistleblowers, or information revealing signs of a possible violation.