PVcase has announced the release of PVcase Roof Mount, an AutoCAD plugin that helps its users to model commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems with unparalleled precision. PVcase Roof Mount consolidates all design processes into one comprehensive software solution.

The rooftop solar plant design process is complex and time-consuming, requiring precise calculations to avoid errors leading to inaccurate measurements and potential energy loss or system performance issues. Miscalculations can also result in delays, more costly permitting procedures, and possible mistakes in the building process. PVcase’s Roof Mount mitigates these challenges with a wide range of features and precise algorithms.

“We’ve taken the learnings we gathered from PVcase Ground Mount tool and adapted them to the rooftop’s unique challenges. Rooftop solar is seeing massive growth through support from global legislative changes. We look forward to offering solutions for an even faster and more efficient rooftop solar scale-up,” says David Trainavicius, Chief Executive Officer at PVcase.

PVcase Roof Mount is designed with the user in mind. “We see that we are benefiting from time savings of roughly 60-70%, depending on the complexity of the project. The time we save is substantial,” said Serafín Pérez, Technical Project Manager at Solutio.

PVcase Roof Mount contains functions such as 3D building preparation, layout generation, shading calculation, electrical design, and exporting to PVsyst. 3D building preparation allows users to quickly prepare a building with its obstacles and offset zones on the roof for module placement. Layout generation provides the required settings information and automatically places modules on a flat or sloped roof. Shading calculation helps to determine which modules are overshaded and should be removed and which ones should be left in the layout.

In addition to all the features above, PVcase Roof Mount allows exporting projects to PVsyst and PVcase Yield, calculating the bill of materials, and comparing design variations side-by-side. The tool offers advanced electrical design capabilities, featuring automated string placement algorithms for precision. For those who prefer manual stringing, the tool provides guidance to match inverter sizing and layout efficiency. Additionally, it includes a cabling feature for semi-automated cable path routing and precise length calculations.

This announcement follows PVcase’s highly successful year, marked by a $100M Series B, and remarkable 64% growth in its customer base. PVcase has also acquired Anderson Optimization, a developer of cutting-edge site-selection tool, and introduced the product to European markets in June 2023.

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