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PVcase Roof Mount reduces design time while streamlining for optimal rooftop solar efficiency with accurate calculations

Accurate design

Ensure precise installations with automatic configurations that create construction-ready plans for seamless implementation, automatically resolving errors without any manual efforts.

Maximized efficiency

Maximize rooftop solar efficiency and increase the number of your developed projects by cutting down the development time

Enhanced PV project quality

Optimize layout and electrical design to elevate the caliber of your PV product, fostering peak efficiency and longevity.

Centralized solar design

Simplify your solar design process by consolidating it within a single CAD software, streamlining workflows, and eliminating the need for tool-switching.


3D Roof Design
Layout Generation
Stringing Automation
Yield irradiance integration
Cabling Automation
Layout Comparison
Cable tray automation
Inverter Configurations (MPPT's)
PVsyst export for yield analysis
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Easy 3D modelling
SLD (Single line diagram)


Layout Generation

Effortlessly arrange modules on flat or sloped roofs, with essential settings provided.

  • Generate, compare, and select layouts based on capacity, module count, and layout type.
  • Iteration Option: Easily compare multiple layouts on one drawing.
  • Layout Types: Choose from Flat East-West, Flat South, or Flush-Mounted for Tilt Roof.
  • Automation: Modules are automatically placed with all necessary settings provided.

Shading Analysis

Elevate your design decisions with real-time insights on yearly shading loss and yearly in-plane irradiation displayed directly on your design. Experience:

  • Shading analysis conducted every hour for 365 days (~8760 simulations)
  • Individual analysis of modules for precision
  • Detailed results indicating irradiation losses (%)
  • Yearly in-plane irradiation at the module level (kWh/m2)

Electrical Design

Streamline your electrical design process with:

  • Automated stringing for efficient setup
  • Design and sizing of the cable tray for optimized layout
  • Automated cable generation from string to inverter connections
  • Detailed MPPT configuration for enhanced performance

Experience math-based solutions and algorithms that optimize electrical design placement, offering customization automation and guidance for manual stringing and cabling.

MPPT Logic Creation

Efficiently configure Maximum Point Power Tracking (MPPT)settings to optimize performance:

  • Assign strings to MPPT in accordance with string direction and size
  • Choose from manual, semi-automatic, or automatic configuration
  • Customize MPPT setup according to inverter level, highlighted in different colors

Single Line Diagram and MPPT Scheme

Experience the convenience of comprehensive MPPT connection tables and single-line diagrams (SLD):

  • MPPT number and input
  • String labels
  • String size

Tailor your output with automation capabilities.

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Export to PVsyst

Streamline project cost estimation and yield analysis:

  • Export BOM for accurate project cost estimation
  • Export designs to PVsyst for detailed yield analysis

Round-the-clock support, innovation, and training to empower your PV journey

We go beyond being mere software providers—we aim to be your trusted solar design partners. Our company also offers customized training and support based on your needs with PVcase Academy and webinars. Also, we provide software updates every month!

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