Customer Stories

"If we have to do a 600-megawatt layout, we used to take one complete week, but now we can do it in half a day"

Mohammed Ismail
Senior Application Engineer

"As a whole, PVcase is extremely important (in our design process) from start to finish"

Lloyd Gorman
Design Team Lead

"Electrical design and bill of quantities allow us to get much more precise data in a fraction of the time"

Mário Gonçalves
CAD Design Team Coordinator

"PVcase supported us and helped us to speed up the design process"

Hannes Elsen
Engineering Team Lead

"Support level is excellent. On top of that, when we have feedback or suggestions, PVcase is actually listening"

Peter Knittl

"PVcase Ground Mount has helped our company in terms of time efficiency and global standards in all the engineering teams"

Sergio de la Torre
Strategic Transactions Engineering Lead

"I estimate that the time we save when generating or developing a project in its initial phase is more than 50%"

David Velasco
Industrial Engineer

"PVcase Ground Mount allows us to make quick calculations, changing the equipment easily, without having to redo the whole design process"

Sergio Espada
Proposal Engineer

"I see there are some other (software) suppliers, but nobody is really on this level like PVcase"

Lasse Nieswitz
Head of Execution Germany

"Being able to set the parameters early in the design process, we have a really accurate layout for every bid that we produce"

James Magarahan
Senior Design Engineer

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