While we do not purposefully pursue awards, it’s always a pleasure to be recognized. Therefore, The Baltic Sustainability Awards in 2023, held at the Splendid Palace in Riga, was a great surprise. After such an intense and splendid year, the received awards from such a reputable organization was a true cherry on top.

Leaders, CEOs, founders, and sustainability experts from various sectors gathered together to stress the importance of sustainable strategies​​​​. The Baltic Sustainability Awards served as a platform for recognizing outstanding achievements and fostering discussions and collaborations for a sustainable future. And we are delighted to be part of it all.

PVcase achievements and their importance

We are happy to have received the following awards:

The award in the Renewable Energy category for redefining solar energy deployment is a remarkable milestone for us and additional motivation to pursue our mission to fight climate change through software.
A special prize from Sorainen for PVcase advancements in solar energy technology was also a pleasant surprise. Our company was recognized for transforming solar energy deployment and showcasing its significant role in renewable energy technologies.

This recognition is important for us and inspires us to further innovate solar design tools and implement cutting-edge decisions. After presenting the PVcase Roof Mount tool and acquiring Anderson Optimization, a site-selection software developer, we are on steady growth and highly ambitious to promote sustainability.

“This award means that PVcase has become a leading player in the renewable energy field in the Baltics. It also shows that renewable energy is vital to ensure the entire region’s energy security and sustainable development. The recognition of PVcase’s mission to fight climate change through software will inspire our team to continue providing value for utility-scale solar companies globally,” said Paulius Miecius, PVcase Head of Strategic Initiatives.

The mission of the future

“Sustainability is not a choice; it’s the only way forward,” said Marija Rucevska, Co-founder and Partner at Helve, the organization hosting the Baltic Sustainability Awards. This statement also reflects one of PVcase’s core values — fighting climate change through software. We hope this recognition will help us become role models for future sustainable development initiatives.