Ever since its conception, PVcase has been about removing monotony from the engineering workflow. Step by step, we are working on improving the efficiency of solar projects. And this year, we certainly have things to be proud of.

PVcase growth

One of the biggest highlights of the year is that we managed to close the largest solar software company fundraising round ever in Europe with our €20 million Series A. Using these funds, we will continue working to further advance our software and smooth out the tasks of engineers all over the world.

Despite the times, we’ve had the pleasure of attending several conferences, such as Energy Tech Summit, Solar Solutions International in Vijfhuizen, and Solar Large Scale CEE in Warsaw, where we got to share insights with the industry professionals and learn together.

PVcase at Solar Solutions and Large Scale Solar CEE

We’re also growing in number: more and more clients are choosing PVcase as their preferred software for solar projects. The number of new clients added in 2021 is a 162% increase over 2020 growth. PVcase family is expanding too: team size has increased by 115% and we now have employees from more than 10 nationalities. In turn, we can offer varied expertise and diversified support for our users. PVcase Help center is there to provide tutorials and guides to better ease your experience with the software (for your convenience, our guides are available in Spanish as well, with the scope of translated content growing every day). And for those who wish to jump onboard PVcase like a duck takes to water, we launched the PVcase Academy, where our users can deepen their knowledge. In this new learning platform, our customers can begin learning at any time and complete the courses at their own pace.


We owe our growth to our clients, and with their help and support, we brought about plenty of quality of life changes to PVcase. One of the most notable additions to the software is the ground grading feature. It shows the suggested groundwork adjustments for the selected site, which ensures your projects are always on track. The feature allows you to view existing and proposed terrain data side by side, making thoughtful and impactful decisions. Additionally, ground grading brought us into the civil engineering workspace.

Next to the big ground grading feature, we have implemented various smaller adjustments and updates, each reflecting the changes our clients wanted to see. We cannot improve without feedback, and your insights allow PVcase to become a better software for everyone. Since the start of the year, average active users grew by 130%; average monthly active users went up by 180%, and we saw the exports of thousands of BOMs in 2021.


But the achievements of 2021 are not the extent of what PVcase can offer. We’re constantly striving to improve and give our users new and innovative tools to make their jobs easier. The upcoming PVcase Yield allows you to analyze the yield data and avoid unnecessary risks that might impact your solar projects.

Last year, Yield product took shape and accelerated development, resulting in active testing and feedback collection. During the beta tests, we received a lot of different comments, observations, which were translated into product improvements and helped us get to the product launch phase.

Active collaboration with existing PVcase customers is planned for the coming year in order to speed up and streamline their engineering process by representing the physical reality of modeling or enabling the analysis of different configurations in an efficient way. If you are interested and want to contribute to the further development of the product, feel free to contact us.

Key Highlights

  • PVcase raised €20 million in Series A funding.
  • We’ve gained several hundred average active users.
  • We are actively growing and expanding, with new features and products already planned for the near future.
  • The launch of PVcase Academy provides extensive support to our user base.
  • In the future, PVcase clients can look forward to a new product: PVcase Yield.