Learning is essential in the solar industry, where technological advancements are a daily presence. Learning platforms help a great deal in making the studying process more efficient. Meet PVcase Academy — an exclusive learning tool for our customers to improve their PVcase experience.

What is PVcase Academy?

PVcase Academy is a PVcase learning tool that helps you master PVcase products and use them effectively. It primarily consists of video instructions (and their transcripts) explaining how to use various PVcase software features in great detail. Moreover, it also has an FAQ section answering our customers’ most frequent questions.

PVcase created its virtual academy to onboard clients more efficiently and provide them with an accessible learning platform. With new features frequently arriving, it is an effective way to keep PVcase’s software users up to date.

Vito Bindokas, PVcase’s senior technical support engineer and one of the minds behind PVcase Academy, explains the project’s origins: “We introduced PVcase Academy so that our customers could watch the instructional product videos at their own pace instead of consuming all the information in a single session. We wanted to create a new way to quickly learn all the software basics and new features.”

How is it different?

Here are a few aspects that make PVcase Academy stand out in the market:

– PVcase Academy provides you with a legitimate certificate that you can share on LinkedIn or with your employers. It proves that you have sufficient knowledge to use PVcase software.
PVcase Academy content is delivered in short and condensed videos with subtitles in English and Spanish so that users can process information at their own pace. Moreover, the Academy’s content is created by our experienced customer support team members, who know our client needs and the best way to provide answers.
– If you don’t feel like watching videos, PVcase Academy also offers downloadable PDFs with all the training info and short summaries.
PVcase Academy is available in English and Spanish languages.
PVcase Academy also includes video release notes so you can stay updated with all the latest additions.

All these functions make PVcase Academy a great addition to our already-informative customer help center.

What’s next for PVcase Academy?

Currently, PVcase Academy is only available for learning more about Ground Mount product. However, PVcase plans to introduce Roof Mount and Yield tools soon. PVcase Academy will include courses on those tools too.

“We will have advanced tutorials at some point, which are currently being written by our team. So we plan to have more advanced content in written and video formats, not just basic information but deeper knowledge on how you can leverage our tool in the best way possible to get the best benefit. Our main objective is to show how to use the software and educate the customers,” elaborates Vito on the ambitious PVcase Academy’s future direction.

Get ready to experience an even more thrilling learning journey in the future!