Could anyone have predicted that in the center of a world turned upside down by a pandemic and tangled in the knots of an energy crisis, a spark of innovation would light up from Lithuania? That’s exactly what happened with PVcase. Far from just making it through, PVcase was recognized, landing the #104 spot on FT1000 — the annual Financial Times list of Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies.

Why PVcase stands out

In an era where the mandate for climate action is louder than ever, PVcase shows up with a mission to battle it with software. This recognition shows that we’re on the right track. Founded just six years ago, PVcase evolved into a solar design software leader that recently incorporated Anderson Optimization site-selection software into its product suite as a result of the acquisition of the namesake company. PVcase now offers an even wider range of tools on one platform to empower engineers in their solar project designs.

With the PVcase product suite, engineers can maximize efficiency by saving time on their projects, automating repetitive tasks, reducing data risk, and increasing calculation precision. Within the feedback shared by our customers, there’s compiling evidence of the significant impact our solutions have in improving project outcomes. The effects of using PVcase are further illustrated in our recent case studies, such as the digital twin study, which highlights the advanced capabilities and real-world applications of PVcase products.

We strongly believe that software is the key to alleviating the existing bottlenecks in the industry.

Understanding the FT1000 ranking

The FT-Statista distinction represents a significant achievement. Among the recovery from COVID-19, soaring inflation, and an unprecedented energy crisis fueled by geopolitical tensions, the criteria for making it onto this list were strict. Companies needed to exhibit a minimum average growth rate of 36.3% between 2019 and 2022, a period marked by uncertainty and challenge.

Out of 10,000 contenders, only 1000 companies made the cut, judged on criteria such as revenue growth, independence, and innovation. PVcase’s inclusion celebrates our growth and places us in the elite company of firms that are significantly changing Europe’s economic landscape.

All the data provided by companies has been carefully researched and checked by Statista.

Recognition of Lithuanian innovation

PVcase is among a few other Lithuanian companies included in the list, which reflects the thriving startup landscape of the country. As one of the few companies from our country to be included, we’re proud and happy to be a part of Lithuania’s growing influence on the global tech stage. This honor follows closely on the heels of our nomination for the BNEF Awards, signaling a future with even more potential.

Looking ahead

As we celebrate this milestone, our gaze remains firmly fixed on the horizon. PVcase is constantly on the move towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Our roadmap is filled with ambitious plans for innovation, from expanding our product suite to alleviating the market bottlenecks with products that enable increased efficiency, speed, and precision. This achievement is one more step further towards even greater innovations and expansions that will continue to drive us forward in our mission for a more sustainable world.