PVcase is extremely excited to present PVcase Roof Mount, a new cutting edge tool for commercial and industrial rooftop solar projects. Due to ongoing climate change and land issues in some countries, rooftop solar will be one of the go-to solutions shortly. PVcase hopes to accelerate the shift even more with its Roof Mount tool.

Benefits of commercial rooftop solar

Commercial rooftop solar is a booming sector due to its multiple benefits including:

  • Cost savings. Businesses can save money on their energy bills by generating their own electricity, particularly as electricity prices continue to rise. The cost of solar panels will likely decrease further, making rooftop solar solutions even more cost-effective.
  • Environmental benefits. Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source that does not emit greenhouse gasses or pollutants. As more businesses adopt rooftop solar, this can significantly reduce carbon emissions, helping combat climate change.
  • Energy independence. By generating their electricity, businesses can become less reliant on the grid, reducing the risk of power outages and ensuring a more reliable energy supply.
  • Increased property value. Installing solar panels can increase the value of commercial properties, particularly as more people become aware of the benefits of renewable energy.
  • Positive brand image. Adopting rooftop solar can help businesses to improve their brand image, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. This can be an essential factor in attracting customers and investors.

Overall, commercial rooftop solar will likely become an increasingly important part of the energy mix in the future, offering a range of benefits to businesses and the wider community.

PVcase Roof Mount and its benefits

“PVcase Roof Mount has been designed with its potential user in mind. We considered all the needs, desires and limitations a PV rooftop engineer can potentially face. It is important to actually make sure that product is user centered and creates value for the user from the very first step. If there are things in the product that do not create value, we simply remove them, then go back to the users, listen to their feedback and focus on what is actually important for them,” says Agne Janusevska, PVcase Roof Mount product manager.

The feedback of the first Roof Mount customers just proves the user-focused approach of software developers. “I used to deliver three rooftop designs per week, while with PVcase Roof Mount, it is possible to have 3 designs done per day. On top of that, the Roof Mount tool leads to fewer mistakes and fewer back-and-forth updates with different departments. It helps to avoid manual fixing, reduces changes in the design, and allows us to react fast to constantly changing circumstances,” says Jonathan Arklay of Solar South West.

The following PVcase Roof Mount features help users to enhance their rooftop solar engineering practices:

  • Rapid 3D building preparations. You can quickly prepare a building with its obstacles for module placement.
  • Layout generation. PVcase Roof Mount provides the required settings information and automatically places modules on a flat or sloped roof.
  • Shading calculation. Our tool can calculate the overshading of the modules.
  • Smart electrical design. Algorithms and math-based solutions for stringing and cabling automation make the electrical design efficient and creates users the possibility to influence the system. The software can also provide you with needed guidance if you prefer to do the electrical design manually.
  • You can easily export your bill or materials and export your design to PVsyst for yield analysis.

Moreover, PVcase Roof Mount can significantly help you to:

  • Reduce the time spent creating the optimal module layout. The solution that we provide is a fully automated layout for different circumstances and different rooftops. In addition, a user can compare the layouts and select the best and most suitable one to work on.
  • Reduce the time spent creating the optimal electrical design. Automated and semi-automated stringing and cabling based on electrical engineering best practices prevents users from wasting time on repetitive work. Users can override the system solution for specific details if needed. In addition, there is a possibility to go into great detail with this function, that is, to plan all the electrical, including the MPPTs logic and cables’ routes for the installation. All is automated, allowing users to intervene and apply their knowledge if needed.
  • Improve the accuracy of their project cost estimation.
  • Improve the performance/energy production of their project.
  • Reduce the number of mistakes made in the design.

And this is not the end. Currently, we are working on some more useful additions:

  • Centralized user’s design process under one software.
  • Reduced time spent creating the optimal mounting structure design.
  • Enhanced, detailed shading analysis for the user to estimate shading losses in different design stages.

PVcase Roof Mount will also cover the integration with the mounting providers and mounting layout planning. Accessing mounting solutions will ensure that users can reduce the number of digital tools used in rooftop PV designs, save time, and improve efficiency.

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