The social and economic pressures for businesses to adopt rooftop solar

It may soon become socially unacceptable for businesses not to have solar on their roofs. Already, the pressure is increasing.

Bifacial solar panels: The future of the solar industry?

Bifacial solar panels have been on a hype for a while in the PV industry. Let’s have a look at this technology and its positive and negative aspects.

RE+ 2022: Possibilities and challenges of the IRA

RE+ (formerly SPI) conference was an exceptional experience given the 3-year gap that took place between the last two events. Since 2019 the solar landscape has changed significantly marked by new challenges and possibilities driven by technological innovations, the geopolitical climate and social justice movements.

Why rooftop solar is a key part of the clean energy transition

Renewable energy is growing exponentially, with solar leading the way. Back in 2010, just 18 gigawatts (GW) of solar were installed globally. This year alone, over 200 GW will be installed. It took a decade for the world to get to 1 terawatt (TW) of installed solar capacity. That’s expected to more than double in the next few years.

Large Scale Solar USA: Managing US solar risks

Two weeks ago PVcase traveled to Austin, Texas for a two-day deep dive into the USA’s solar market. It is the world’s second-largest single-country market after China with 24 GW deployed in 2021, 17 of which were utility-scale.

Genera 2022: Changes in Spanish Market

Solar in Europe is gaining popularity at exponential speed, especially impacted by both the current political situation and the ongoing concern about climate change.

Agrivoltaics: Benefits of Solar Power and Agriculture

Agrivoltaics: Benefits of Solar Power and Agriculture

Agrivoltaics refers to using the same land to generate solar electricity and support agriculture. As the world moves past the TW scale solar fleet and we deploy more solar every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable land to develop solar projects.

Intersolar Europe 2022: the key takeaways

This year Intersolar Europe returned with all the intensity and inertia of an industry propelled by the changing landscape of the world; changes that have felt both shocking and unforeseen while at the same time altogether inevitable.

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