Slope analysis case study

Unique use cases is the best way to showcase the capabilities of the software. Our slope case study will help you see how our software solves complex solar engineering issues.

New solar panels can be made from solar panel waste or kusachite

Recently, scientists discovered that solar panels can be made from two new materials — kusachite and… solar panel waste, also known as black gold.

Floating-solar is found to be cost-competitive with ground-mount PV

Researchers discovered that floating PV plants (FPV) can substantially contribute to the achievement of 2030 EU targets.

Australia finalizes its grand solar-wind hybrid project

Windlab confirms the final stages of testing the Kennedy Energy Park, a solar-wind hybrid project that is going to join the strengths of both spheres.

Customer education is the key — interview with Jonas, PVcase customer support lead

In the interview below our support lead Jonas Zemaitaitis explains the importance of education and best practices of customer service.

New underperformance identification algorithm invented for PV systems

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH has developed a self-referencing algorithm that can predict and identify string yield loss and underperformance without additional weather data.

The social and economic pressures for businesses to adopt rooftop solar

It may soon become socially unacceptable for businesses not to have solar on their roofs. Already, the pressure is increasing.

Most solar modules retain 80% productivity after 3 decades

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) has recently finished a five-year solar module degradation study. SNL purchased over 834 modules representing 13 different technologies from 7 manufacturers.

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