Green goals

We’re all striving for a better future: cleaner, more sustainable and, of course, greener. Fighting climate change through software – it’s not just empty words, it’s the foundation of everything PVcase does. We are committed to maintaining the advancement of solar, but as a company, we cannot forget those who work hard every day to ensure PVcase lives up to those goals. PVcase forest is a perfect blend of our corporate social responsibility goals and the commitment to our employees. When working in the digital space, it’s important to remember we’re not working for the sake of work. A tree, tangible and lasting and so crucial, solidifies our pledge to battle climate change on all fronts.

For employees

We have planted close to 400 trees, a great sign of team effort and the good things to come. The makeshift forest will serve as a gathering place for the company, where we can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take in nature. As a bonus, the forest is also an ever-green thank you for the hard work of our employees – quite literally, in this case, as PVcase employees assisted in the planting of the trees. And what could be better than a bonding exercise where you get to build another step towards a sustainable future.


And we’re not done yet! Just as we’re working to improve our software, the PVcase forest will continue to grow, becoming the symbol of the greener future we want to leave to both our employees and community as a whole.