The rapid expansion of the renewable energy sector has created a high demand for skilled professionals capable of designing and implementing utility-scale solar projects. To address this growing need, PVcase, in collaboration with Enery and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, has developed an innovative educational initiative to prepare future solar engineers with the latest tools and practical knowledge required for success.

The university sought to provide students with hands-on experience in utility-scale solar planning and design using the latest industry tools by integrating PVcase Ground Mount* software into the university’s Sustainable Energy Systems master’s program.

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Innovative training programs in renewable energy

One way PVcase and Enery assist universities in better equipping students for the renewable energy sector is by offering new areas of study. Enery, a leading company in renewable energy projects and a PVcase customer, uses PVcase Ground Mount and Roof Mount software for solar design.

Manuel Maier from Enery, a power user of PVcase, played a crucial role in this initiative by providing on-site lectures, onboarding students to the software, and offering basic training with PVcase Academy — a comprehensive online platform that helps users master PVcase products. It primarily consists of detailed video instructions explaining how to use various PVcase software features.

“By integrating PVcase into theoretical lectures, students are equipped with the expertise to design and engineer utility-scale PV plants, giving them a broader skill set as they enter the renewable energy job market,” said Manuel Maier, Project Manager at Enery. 

*PVcase Ground Mount is an innovative AutoCAD-based software engineered to streamline the planning and optimization of utility-scale ground-mounted solar power plants. By leveraging advanced automation and intuitive design tools, PVcase Ground Mount drastically reduces the time and effort to evaluate and design solar parks. It accelerates the solar engineering workflow, allowing engineers to efficiently generate and optimize 3D layouts and electrical designs for terrains of any complexity.

Transformative partnerships in higher education

Universities and tech companies collaborate in higher education to better prepare students for the renewable energy industry. The Sustainable Energy Systems master’s program at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria focuses on sustainable energy resources, energy efficiency, and decarbonizing traditional energy systems.

By incorporating PVcase Ground Mount software into this curriculum, students gain invaluable practical experience in utility-scale solar planning and design.

“Students at the University of Applied Sciences appreciate applied projects related to the industry. Using PVcase, students can apply the theoretical knowledge from basic PV lectures to designing and optimizing large-scale PV plants. This industry-related project approach prompted the introduction of PVcase into the curriculum,” notes Robert Höller, the course leader at the university.

The course curriculum addresses critical topics like site preparation, PV plant layout, and electrical design. Each lecture is meticulously crafted to help improve understanding of the topic, with practical exercises reinforcing theoretical concepts. To ensure students are well-prepared, a dedicated AutoCAD course is provided before introducing PVcase Ground Mount, covering essential skills required to leverage PVcase effectively.

Real-world application and benefits

The integration of PVcase Ground Mount has been met with positive feedback from all parties. PVcase Ground Mount streamlines the engineering process, providing flexibility and accuracy across all project stages — from concept design to execution. 

It massively speeds up the process of providing designs in varying project stages, improves the accuracy of expected project sizes, and helps organize EPC tenders,” explains Manuel Maier.

“The ease of usage and flexibility in design approaches make PVcase an essential tool for our students,” adds Robert Höller, the course leader at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Students have praised PVcase’s ease of use and flexibility, with one noting: “I designed a large-scale project in the Algerian desert using PVcase. It prepared me very well for my future career in the renewable energy sector.” 

A survey of the participants revealed that 80% rated the ease of use of PVcase Ground Mount as excellent, and 100% found the learning experience provided by the PVcase Academy to be exceptional.

Future plans

PVcase aims to expand its educational licensing program to top universities globally, bridging gaps in solar design and assisting engineers in becoming more efficient using PVcase software.

“We envision supplying courses to universities in the countries where we do business, connecting with top educational institutions to provide students with the best tools for solar design,” says Nerijus Paulauskas, Partnerships Manager at PVcase.


The partnership between PVcase, Enery, and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria showcases the power of collaboration in addressing critical skill gaps in the renewable energy sector. By integrating PVcase Ground Mount software into the curriculum, the initiative has equipped students with practical expertise and prepared them for successful careers in utility-scale solar planning and design.

Read the full case study.

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