Boost reliability

Reduce project uncertainty and remove design errors with realistic, terrain-based PV layouts.

Improve site performance

Optimize your design and evaluate potential near-shading challenges.

Assess site feasibility

CAPEX can make or break great solar designs. Get a clear breakdown of your project costs early on.

Completely customizable

Own your electrical design by streamlining string mapping, device placement and cabling.

Export your data

Download and easily share cable runs, piling lengths, and other cost estimations with your team.

Compatible with PVsyst

Export your PV design in a bespoke format, co-designed with PVsyst.

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Shade-free table placement

Achieve shade-free table layout on undulating terrain for a set location and time.

Slope analysis

Identify optimal slope angles for individual tables on uneven terrain.

Piling and collision analysis

Understand which tables exceed a given piling range or are in need of grading.

Automated topographical 3D cabling

Generate life-size cable layout accounting for terrain and structural design.

Automatic cross-section analysis in a few clicks

Optimise challenging table layouts with precise cross-section view

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